Dr. Rick Carter - McClure, Ph.D., LMFT, LICDC 

Out Gay Therapist with 22 Years Experience


Dr. Carter - McClure specializes in working with INDIVIDUALS and COUPLES (any sexual orientation) exploring/questioning their sexuality, or issues with sex/intimacy. He works with women who suspect they are in a relationship with a narcissist. He works with gay men and women who are contemplating coming out to their friends and family. He works with individuals who are exploring bisexuality and other forms of sexual identity/expression to include polyamorous relationships, open relationships, swinging, etc. 
Dr. Carter - McClure has worked with hundreds of straight and gay men seeking help for SEX ADDICTIONS, to include, porn, infidelity, prostitutes, anonymous hookups, PHONE APPS, online chatting, etc. He works with clients seeking help for substance addictions, anxiety, OCD, abusive relationships, lack of motivation/direction, stuck and lack direction/meaning, dating/social/relationship issues, etc. 
He also specializes in working with artists/performers/writers and actors. He spent 15 years working in Los Angeles with a number of clients in the entertainment business to include actors, directors and writers. While in Los Angeles, Dr. Carter - McClure was featured on occasion as ABC-7 News' Expert Couples/Marriage Therapist.